Friday, August 7, 2009

Looking At The Sky On Friday #1


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So I quit blogging and then I moved, and discovered that I missed the blogs, and the memes, and the photos. Something else I've learned during the move is that the sky on the Southern East Coast and the sky in the Central South look really different. It's almost like you can touch the sky here at times, the clouds seem to be right over you pressing down. It's a goal to have my camera with me at one of those moments. But for today I have a pretty sky captured while we waited to see Disney's A Christmas Carol Train Tour this week.

Clouds Over Memphis

I just have to say that if Disney's A Christmas Carol Train Tour comes to a town near you, go. There was tons to see and learn, and a cool touch morphing system at the end. My only warning is get there early and be prepared to wait, they said 2 hours when we got in line and it was just over 1, but we weren't really prepared to stand in the heat. If you would like to see some pictures from our adventure you can check out my homeschooling blog, Discovery For Life, for more.

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  1. I suspect I'd miss blogging if I gave it up but balancing the real and virtual worlds can be challenging for sure. Love your beautiful fluffy clouds. Mine are at Sacred Ruminations and Happily Retired Gal this week.
    Hugs and blessings,

  2. Oooo, love the fluffy clouds -- and particularly love the effect you used to post it, scrapbook style! Wish Blogger had that ability!

    (I understand the blogging addiction thing, btw. Keep thinking I need to spend my time elsewhere, but keep ending up back here. It's a creative outlet hard to duplicate!)

  3. It's a beautiful photo!

    I don't play this, but I wanted to drop by and thank you so very much for the support you've given me by way of comments.

    I know all about blogger burnout. It's happened to me before and is happening right now. I suspect it's in our blood though and we'll always come back.

  4. The clouds looks like cottons.

    Happy weekend and thanks for stopping and leaving a comment in my blog.

  5. Fair weather clouds are a beautiful sight, which they look like a style of cotton puffs. Today in CT, the skies looked just like this, and no humidity to speak of. Skies of this sort are great!

  6. Well,cotton puff has pretty well used quite a bit, but that's what I saw, too! I really like the way you used "scotch tape" for your corners. Looks neat.

  7. Very pretty and I love how you posted it!!!

  8. OK, I will also say cotton. It looks like you pasted cotton balls to a piece of blue paper. What lovely clouds you found.

    Glad you are bloggin' again. Nice to meet you. Love your kitty photos and badges. Too cute.

  9. Fantastic picture! I love how the clouds are in the picture.

  10. so gorgeous. Nice capture, too. I haven't seen one like this yet. Maybe I have to keep an eye to the skies.

  11. Beautiful shot! I agree with all of them, they look like cotton.

    Thank you for visiting my entry. Have a great day!

    Mommy's Little Corner